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Hello there! I'm Vasco Gonçalves, a portuguese game developer living in Lisbon. I'm currently one internship away from finishing my degree in Videogames at Lusofona University.

I've studied Game Design, Level Design, Unity, C# Programming, 

Here you can find information on the games I've developed since I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the industry I have loved since I was a boy, as well as extra work such as GDDs, articles, side projects, etc.

You can find my résumé here.

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Nexar (Working Title)

Summary: Nexar is a game about a cube plagued by lack of self-confidence and doubt. To him the world is like a maze - winding and complicated. With the help of the player, the cube will find a way through that maze and discover new sides of himself, he didn't think were there.

Platform: Android and iOS

Engine and tools I used: Unity

My Work: I was in charge of Level Design during the development of Nexar.



Mutiny - Shadow of the Galaxy

Summary: Mutiny is a sci-fi turn-based tactics game where you carry out missions across the galaxy.

You control a squad of agents that deserted their corrupt galactic governments and set out to uncover the mysterious entity taking over the galaxy behind the scenes.

Each of your characters has an unique ability, such as invisibility, teleportation or hacking. Take advantage of those skills as you take on data retrieval, sabotage and rescue missions among others.

Platform: PC

Engine and tools I used: Unity

My Work: During the development of Mutiny I took the mantle of the Game Designer, Level Designer and Programmer.

Download game here.                                                                                               Game documents here.

Cafe Jacob

Summary: Cafe Jacob is a 2D game where you're tasked with taking customer's orders, delivering the requested item and giving the customer his change. It was developed for a school  of hearing impaired students with the intent of helping them learn to handle money. An optional custom controller was built for this game.

Development was accompanied by these students from pitch to testing of multiple builds.

Platform: PC and Mac

Engine and tools I used: Unity, Visual Studio (C#), Photoshop, Arduino

My Work: I was Game Designer and second Programmer. Designed, built and programmed the controller.

Download game here.                                                                                               Download game (Mac) here.



The Legend of Meme

Summary: Legend of Meme is a 2D action-adventure game inspired by the original Legend of Zelda and internet memes.

It features two different areas (castle, garden), quests, level ups, puzzles, several enemies with different attacks and stats, two bosses and great 8-bit soundtrack.

Platform: PC

Engine and tools I used: Unity, Visual Studio

My Work: I was Level Designer and Programmer.

Download game here.                                                                                             


Summary: Wanderer is a walking simulator set in a mysterious desert. You play as an explorer who wakes up alone in a cave, his expedition partners missing.

As you leave the cave, you hear a voice offering insight to your current situation and gives you a task.

Explore the desert, interact with points of interest, uncover what happened and decide what will happen.

Platform: PC

Engine and tools I used: Unity, Visual Studio, Maya

My Work: I was Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer. Made the temple's 3D model and textures as well as the pillars'.

Download game here.                                                                                               Game documents here.

César Holmes

Summary: César Holmes is an Escape Room game where you must solve increasingly harder puzzle rooms using the Caesar Cipher to unlock the door.

The game was created to teach middle schoolers the Caesar Cipher. As such this game was tested by a class, a survey was performed and the data analysed.

Platform: PC

Engine and tools I used: Unity, Visual Studio, Photoshop

My Work: I was responsible for all aspects of development of this game.

Download game here.                                                                                               Game documents here.



Symbol 4

Summary: This is a sci-fi Escape Room. Search your surroundings and figure out how to leave.

Platform: PC

Engine and tools I used: Unity

My Work: I was Game Designer, Level Designer and Programmer.

Download game here.                                                                                             Game documents here.


Summary: Simple Maze. Get to the center, while avoiding the droids patrolling the corridors and by first finding the terminal that unlocks the door to the center.

Platform: PC

Engine and tools I used: Unity

My Work: I was Level Designer and Programmer.

Download game here.                                                                                              



Heart of Caltraz

Summary: This was the very first game project I worked on.

Heart of Caltraz is a side scrolling action platformer inspired by Trine.

This demo features a castle level in which you must collect the crystals scattered and hidden along the way.

Your character can swing his sword to attack, move his shield to deflect and Charge to break some walls.

Platform: PC

Engine and tools I used: Unity

My Work: I was Game Designer, Level Designer and Programmer.

Download game here.                                                                        



Game Design Documents

  - Artifactors

  - Goal to Goal

  - Dark of the Void 


  - June 2019

Artificial Intelligence

  - Fish Tank AI

Sound Design

  - Blind Maze (Game) - Rely on sound to traverse the floating platform. If you fall you restart. The closer you are to the edge the louder the warning sound gets (360 Spatial Audio). Footsteps sound different when walking somewhere you're backtracking. Headphones higly recommended.

Video Editing

  - My Daughter (Trailer)

  - Mocap (Making Of)

  - A Culpa é do Governo (Satire - Portuguese) 360º


  - Introduction to Motion Capture

  - Breathing Room

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